Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hula Hoop and Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama hula hoopApparently Marissa Tomei isn't the only celeb who likes to hula hoop, so does our newly inducted first lady. That's Michelle and Sasha spinning at a Fourth of July picnic last year, courtesy of the Washington Post. Another person who is getting hoop fever: JSG's Annie.

She says:
I was sent a Hoopnotica travel hoop and videos to test. I first tried it on Friday. It took me a few attempts to get it going, and I was very spastic at first, but now I can walk a few steps and do a 360. It's definitely a lot of fun and I find myself grabbing and spinning whenever I have a few free minutes. Something about the spinning motion is very soothing and I can keep it going for close to five minutes. Hula hooping is for sure a great ab workout and with any luck I'll be bikini ready next weekend when I head to Florida. I imagine as I graduate to disc 2 with chest hooping and thigh hooping I'll get even more of a full body workout.

My one complaint--the hoop is Big! Approximately 42" in diameter, which means I have to clear out the furniture when I want to use it. I checked in with the company spokesperson who said:

The hoop is an adult sized meaning it's easier for a grown up to keep the momentum of hooping going with a weighted hoop. Using one that’s lighter or smaller, say from a toy store would not work. The hoop is collapsible so you can take it apart after use, but yeah it does require some room to experiment with some of the more advanced moves.

We're guessing Michelle won't have these problems in the White House!

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