Sunday, January 25, 2009

Air Force One

Want to know how Obama rolls? Check out National Geographic's On Board Air Force One, premiering tonight at 8 (and in repeats several times this week). Among the nifty facts we learned about this seriously sexy plane:

  • The three level plane has a dining room, office areas and six bathrooms.
  • The executive suite has a dressing room and a shower.
  • The seat belts, pillows, blankets, napkins and shaving kits feature the presidential seal.
  • A surgeon flies on board and there's a pharmacy, X-ray and operating table.
  • It costs $40,000 an hour to run.

We never want to fly commercial again!

1 comment:

Globetrottingbride said...

Thanks for the scoop. I watched this last night. It was so amazing. I would loooooovvve to get onboard just once!

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