Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bobbi Brown Brights Palette

Available this month, Bobbi Brown's Brights Palette is a collection of 35 shadows from pink to green to purple. Bobbi says you should use them any time you want to add some fun to your look. We want to use them because the temp is reaching into the upper 50's tomorrow, which is practically tropical this time of year.
We've already been wearing a couple shades of the Creamy Lip Color designed to work well with the palette. Our lips dry out in the winter which makes the Shea Butter in the lipstick so satisfying. Our fave is the Rose Brown.

Free Shipping until tomorrow, 1/23/09, with the code BEST1.


ButterflyDiary said...

I think the palette is cute as a button but do you really think it's worth the $75?

The Jet Set Girls said...

It's actually $70, does that help? ;)

In all seriousness, plus or minus $5, it is a lot. But as Bobbi points out, these are to be used as accent colors. If you use the palette the way Ms. Brown intended, it will last you til the next inauguration.

Thanks for reading!

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