Monday, January 12, 2009

Press On Eyeshadow

One of the many things we love about a girls' trip is having many willing beauty guinea pigs at our disposal. On our annual girls' night in D.C. this past Saturday, we were able to talk, not one, but two of our friends into trying the new Color On Eye Envy press on eye shadows, available at Sephora.

The kits contain 5 sets of pre-mixed shadows that you actually press on your eye, blending powder and a brush. We had the holiday set for a few months, but had never worked up the nerve to try it. Fortunately, with a little gentle persuasion, Heidi and Amy volunteered.

To get started, Annie sampled one of the truly unwearable ones on her arm so we could get a feel for how the press on shadows work.

First you peel off the plastic backing:

Then you press it on:

And Voila--blue eyeshadow and snowflakes!

Heidi went next using a green version, sans flakes on her lids:

Then it was Amy's turn with silver:

It looked much softer after Heidi blended it with lavender shadow:

Our testers' takes:
Amy said the shadow was really tacky and hard to work with to blend. We're guessing that's because it is a long-wearing formula, which really isn't supposed to move once it's in place.

Heidi says it would be good for mornings when you're in a rush--especially because you can put them in the car (only when you're parked, please!)

Our 2 cents: for $25 a pop, we'll stick with doing our own smoky eye. Unless, of course, we ever do come up with a reason to do a camo eye (our next hunting trip or Halloween come to mind)., Inc.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I tested this stuff myself a few months ago and was not impressed! And as you mentioned, for the price, it's no value!

Anonymous said...

Pfft, I'm not a fan of gimmicky make-up! Fab post though :)


press on eye shadow said...

Wow ! Great post on Press On Eyeshadow. I impressed so much !

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