Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bachelorette Party Ideas #12: the Tides Miami

We've already told you how to do a Miami bachelorette party on cheap, here's the next step up. The Tides, like the Colony Hotel, sits on Ocean Drive steps away from the beach and tons of craziness. The front steps of the Tides itself is a popular cafe bar and gathering spot. When we were in town this spring, we took a tour of the recently remodeled hotel and liked what we saw.

 The Tides lobby was decorated in shades of white and grey.

Tides lobby

The Tides Bar is a tiny room but had serious texture and character.

Tides bar

If we could stay anywhere, it would be in the Tides top floor suite. It reminds us of a condo one of your wealthy relatives might keep in town and let you borrow once in a while. It had sweeping views of the ocean, a couple of bedrooms,  and huge bathrooms.
Tides Suite
Tides Bedroom
Tides suite bedroom

The best part was the private access to the rooftop which included this bathtub. That's Hope and yes, she's sold!
Tides outdoor bath

The pool was small, but very classy and not too loud for Ocean Drive standards.
Tides pool

Between now and November, when you pay with an Amex, you get the third night free. Pay with another card and you get the fourth night free.


SoCalFashionista said...

I celebrated my bachelorette at the Tides two years ago! By far the most amazing hotel I have ever stayed at in South Beach. It was a fantastic time with all my best friends!

makati condo said...

This is a great place to celebrate a special day.

Deirdre G

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