Monday, August 16, 2010

80's Makeup Revival: Are you with it?

There was a plethora of teal eye shadows offerings from Nars (pictured above), MAC, Lancome and more on the makeup counters this summer. Couple that with the dark fuchsia, red and purple tone lipsticks for fall and we've got a serious 80's makeup revival in the making. Go lightly if you try it yourself and reserve your first efforts for a fun night out. Remember recent makeup convention has shunned having both a striking eye and lip; but really who likes following rules all the time? That's why style and trends continue to change.  Listen to Sia's Clap Your Hands while you're getting ready and you'll realize that the 80's is influencing more than just makeup and fashion these days. Get great tips from Hope at Brilliant Color and Beauty Today.

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