Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bachelorette Party Ideas #1: Bachelorette, the Play

bachelorette party idea- bachelorette play
We're kicking of bachelorette party month with a play that's all about what not to do at your own bachelorette party. The well-reviewed Bachelorette starts off innocently enough with four friends in a luxe hotel suite chugging champagne —sound familiar? But then one friend is green with envy because her boyfriend has yet to pop the question, one friend gets trashed, the bride's dress gets towrn and the girls pick up two guys at a bar and bring them back to their hotel suite. Eddie Kaye Thomas, American Pie's MILF-lover is one of the dudes.

Better hurry if you want to catch this off-Broadway show. The run closes August 28. It's the first in a series of plays about the seven deadly sins by playwright Leslye Headland. Bachelorette represents gluttony--we can't wait for lust!

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