Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bachelorette Party Ideas #10: Montreal

Montreal Bachelorette party

Montreal is a top bachelorette party pick for many reasons:
  • You feel like you're in Europe, even though it's only a short flight away from many American cities
  • It's home to a number of festivals, including jazz, fireworks, and the weekly (in the summer) Piknic Electronik dance party.
  • The food is amazing, the wine is cheap and the waiters are across the board some of the hottest we've ever seen. 

Hot waiters in Montreal

  • Last, but not least, Montreal is home to Le 281, the only all-male strip club in North America. 

  • Read more about what JSG's Annie has to say about Montreal Bachelorette parties on AOL's Aisle Dash.

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