Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rent the Runway Part 2

Rent the Runway

Our second take with Rent the Runway went as well as the first. To recap: with Rent the Runway, you choose a designer dress at a fraction of the cost, which you have for four days. The dresses come pressed and ready to wear and when you're finished, mail them back in the pre-paid envelope. It couldn't be easier!

We even convinced our friend Heidi to give it a go. Her Herve Leger dress was a hit on a trip to NY (even if her hubby thought it was a bit too sexy for their crowd). See how she wore it with the zipper in front like all the cool girls! She was so impressed she rented two more dresses since the Herve.

Rent the Runway

I chose a Rebecca Taylor silk dress for the Hotel Palomar's Dress for Success event in DC (that's me on the far right with Rebecca). It was such a beautiful pattern-the photos don't do it justice- and it was so easy to wear, I was sad to mail it back. Plus, I used a $25 off coupon that RTR sent me making it even more affordable.

Now that Rent the Runway has been featured in InStyle, watch out that your favorite dresses will be harder to reserve. You can schedule your rentals months out, so think ahead for special occasions.  Also, since our girls' trips usually go from Thursday to Sunday,  if I find a great dress, I'm going to have RTR send it straight to the hotel.  No packing, no ironing, and I can send it back before I leave the hotel. 

To further sweeten the deal, CoverGirl is teaming up with Rent the Runway. Rent a dress and receive a free CoverGirl Smoky ShadowBlast with expert tips from CoverGirl’s Creative Design Director, Pat McGrath. while supplies last

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