Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NARS Holiday Collection 2008

The NARS Holiday Collection 2008 is available now. We've already seen, worn, and shared with our girlfriends the Super Orgasm (boy that sounds strange!) blush. NARS perennial best seller is their Orgasm blush -and a Best of Sephora winner for the past 5 years- because it looks great on everyone. Funny thing, we always thought it looked too peachy for our complexion; but how could a million people be wrong? This season NARS introduced the Super Orgasm which steps it up with more intense color and larger gold flecks. Okay, they've hooked us--we're suckers for gold sparkles. It's hot, our date noticed ("Baby, you're sparkling tonight!). So yes, we'll be wearing it to our holiday parties...Available at NARS and Sephora for $25. Why wait for a Super Orgasm when it's ready for you?

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Anonymous said...

I lOVEEE the NARS products. For a long time I'm using Orgasm blush and I lopve it. Also I started recently to use this new cosmetic line called VERHOEVEN Cosmetics. They have the same sort of products like NARS and other brands but is a little cheaper and the packaging is amazing. I love makeup and I will try anything. But this ne wbrand is also awesome.

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