Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Luggage

Ever since the unfortunate incident last August when our luggage was stolen off the street, we've been in need of a new wheelie bag. We weren't too crazy about the particular bag (a promotional piece from Royal Caribbean) and had been on the hunt for a new piece of wheeled luggage for a few months prior. (Our new Marc Jacobs bikini is another story.) In the meantime, we've been making do with a Coach leather trimmed duffel--a gorgeous bag--but our shoulders are starting to feel the pain. (We're sure we don't need to tell you about the benefits of a wheeled bag that's small enough to carry on.) And with three trips in the next month, it's time for JSG to take the plunge. Care to help us chose?

We're still eying this piece from Halsea's Boat Canyon Collection, that we were thinking about last June.
halsea luggage
We also adore Halsea's Little Harbor Collection, which is more versatile for those cosmopolitan trips.
halsea luggage

Then there's always the gold standard, Tumi. As luck would have it, our SO's brother works there and gets a substantial discount, making the Ducati bag within our reach. How can you not love a luggage line named after the motorcycle favored by Brad Pitt?

Of course, we are girlie girls and this pink bag from Titan is calling our name. Even better 10% of the sale goes to fight breast cancer.
Pink Titan

And if money were no object, the J.Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection this bag would be it. It retails for a cool $1,800, so the search continues. Care to weigh in?
J. Crew luggage


Anonymous said...

Go with the Tumi.

Anonymous said...

I want the Little Harbor. It's hot! Classy! stands out...

Anonymous said...

I also love the little harbor! A lot--

I don't care for either the tumi or titan--at all.

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