Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fringe Is (Still) In

When we were in Charleston last month, Heidi picked up some peep toe cut-out booties like these; but even after some serious peer pressure; we couldn't commit to a pair for ourselves.

Yesterday we found some heels of our own that are a stretch for us. Sure we could have spent $600 on a Paul and Joe version; but this pair is so trendy we don't see it lasting more than a season or two. This is the Steven Bijoux on sale now for $99. When we tried it on the man and woman standing next to us, gave us the "Ooh, those are hot!" comment, so we knew we had to get them. Not to be cliche about fringe in Texas; but aren't these going to be perfect for our trip to Austin in a couple of weeks?

Just to reinforce fringe is in through spring 2009, here's the Hermes collection with enough western influence to make Ralph Lauren smile (picture courtesy of That's Stephanie Seymour looking gorgeous in a fringed skirt.

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ShallowGal said...

I *heart* fringe. I'm considering these:

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