Monday, October 20, 2008

Breast Cancer Illuminations

It's October 20 and Total Beauty, Total Cure is still going strong--today's giveaway is a $250 Benefit Cosmetics gift card and Clairisonic Yours and Mine set over at Spoiled Pretty. Be sure to enter!

One of our favorite parts of the month is the Estee Lauder Global Landmarks Illuminations where landmarks around the world are bathed in pink lights. The program launched in 2000 with 26 landmarks in 22 countries. Last year more than 200 landmarks in 60 countries were illuminated.

Leave it to Elizabeth Hurley to steal the scene at last week's lighting of the Tower of London. Her form-fitting, some might say, too-tight, Giambattista Valli dress, made it nearly impossible to notice anything else. We'll give the girl credit--she knows how to get attention and can even upstage a nearly 1,000 year old building!
Elizabeth Hurley Tower of London
Here are a few of our favorites landmark's from last year's event. The Arena, Verona, Italy:

Arena Verona Pink
China Millenia Monument, Beijing:

Millenia Monument PinkBelvedere Castle, Vienna Austria:

Belvedere Castle Vienna PinkTo find an illumination in your country, checkout Clinique for a calendar.

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Anonymous said...

Laura Bush lighted the White House pink and it was gorgeous!

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