Wednesday, October 22, 2008

B. Kamins Lash Fortifier Review and Giveaway

JSG will do just about anything to get long lush lashes--we wear fake eyelashes more regularly than drag queens and have even had eyelash extensions (love 'em, but the upkeep is a ridonk-u-lous--and we color our hair once a month!). So when asked if we would like to test out the new B. Kamins Eyelash Foritifier we said yes faster than tickets sell out to a MGMT show.

According to the B. Kamins website, the product is: enriched with peptide growth substances, natural plant extracts and multi-vitamins, which help to boost micro-circulation at the hair follicles, as well as condition and protect delicate lashes and is free of prostaglandins, a controversial ingredient that was in earlier versions of lash grow products. And according to the press release, you see an average of 58% growth in lashes in 4-8 weeks. Sign us up!

The product is designed to be used nightly, everyday for four weeks. It's a gel that you apply to your lash line. We gently rubbed it in figuring that would help get it where it need to go (i.e. the roots of our eyelashes). It doesn't sting your eyes or have any other adverse affects that we're aware of. At first it was hard to remember to use it nightly, but we got the hang of it after a week.


By week 3, our lashes actually were noticeably longer! By week 4 the results were even better. Now, we're not sure if they're exactly 58 percent longer, but they're long enough that our SO noticed and that they hit the lens of our sunglasses when we blink. Now, it doesn't give the same effect as fake lashes, while our lashes are longer, they're not denser. But for an everyday look with no hassle, it fits the bill, especially when we top our new, longer lashes with Estée Lauder Turbo Lash Mascara.

As for maintenance after the first four weeks, according to Ben Kaminsky, the chemist behind the product and family owner of B. Kamins, once you see the desired results, you can stop using the product and “wean” yourself off of it for about a month or so… then after that you can use the product for 3 days on and 3 days off for maintenance of the results every few weeks.

If short lashes are something you struggle with, this is definitely the product for you. B. Kamins Eyelash Fortifier works, justifying its $90 price tag. Our tube seems to be going strong after a month and you need less for upkeep.

B. Kamins Lash Fortifier is available at Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salons (those in D.C. will definitely want to check out the new branch at the Willard, which opens next week, Bliss, Coldwater Creek The Spas, Cos Bar or Zitomers Pharmacy.

Still with us? Three lucky JSG reader will win a free Lash Fortifier! Simply email us at by midnight PST this Sunday, October 26 with the subject line: Lash Fortifier.

Available on line at,, and


ButterflyDiary said...

I definitely don't need longer lashes (thank you mom), but I'm eager to try this!

alimark said...

I emailed you and would love to win this to try and get LONGER LASHES!!

Engaged! Magazine said...

I was told that you can also use it on your eyebrows...for those ladies who over plucked their brows and want them to grow in again.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Yes--we've heard that, too. But I believe it only makes hair grow longer, it won't make hair grow in places that it's not growing. So it will make your eyebrow hairs longer, but not actually grow hair where there's a hole, which isn't the best thing, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I used it on my eyebrows and let me tell u they did not get "long" like some said, i actually got more eyebrow/hair, they got thicker...after years i can actually see my ayebrows!!! n because of that i use 80% less make up to darken them, they look natural n people had actually noticed them n and asked me what i've been using, im now going to try them on my eyelashes, im sure ill get great results just like i did on my eyebrows. i definetly recommend it to anyone who wants thicker n darker eyebrows ;]

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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