Saturday, October 18, 2008

Booty Pop Padded Panties

We're not entirely convinced there's value to adding padding to our rears, but apparently that's exactly what a lot of you out there are doing. WWD reported last week that L.A.'s uber-boutique Kitson has been selling 25 to 30 pairs of Booty Pop panties a week where it was called "the sleeper hit of the summer." The idea is that the padding in these panties will make your booty pop to fill out a pair of jeans. Co-Creator Susan Bloomstone came up with the idea for them after reading about young girls getting butt implants. If you try them out, let us know how they work!


The Giveaway Diva said...

I need these!!
my butt is as flat as a pancake =(

Life Design Event Planning said...

These are great! I didn't know they were being sold and I'm sure a lot of women would be interested in trying them out! I guess that there must be a need for them if Kitson is selling them.
Here's to being booty-licious!!!!

Anonymous said...

None of my jeans would ever fit if I tried to squeeze some extra padding in. I guess we all got our crosses.

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