Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MAC Ungaro See Thru Lip Color

MAC See Thru Lip color
The first item we picked up from MAC's supper-pretty, super-wearable collection was the See Thru Lip Color in Not So Shy. It looks dark in the bottle, but goes on sheer and gives lips that perfect "I just ate a handful of raspberries" look that you frequently hear makeup artists waxing poetic about.

Only problem: while we LOVE the color, it lasted about 10 minutes before disappearing. We tried using it with a lip liner, which made our lips uncomfortably dry. Next we tried it over nude lipstick, but this made our lips too creamy and the stain had nothing to grab onto. Time to call in the big guns!

We checked in with MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair for her professional advice:

"To increase wearability...ensure your lips are hydrated but dry to the touch by tissuing off any lip balm or gloss on lips before applying the See Thru Color. Apply a few thin coats of the See Thru Color blotting in between coats with a tissue. For a final touch you could dust the lips with a light powder and a soft brush, then blot powder to maintain wearability!"

We gave this a shot--and it worked, reasonably well. It's not going to be the product to choose if you need it to last all day or through a meal. But at least now it lasts between our visits to the powder room.

It's currently sold out on MAC's website, so sounds like MAC's Not So Shy already has its fan base!

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