Monday, October 20, 2008

Gossip Girl Jewelry

Gossip Girl
Miss the Rachel Leigh sample sale on on Friday? We did--and we were pretty bummed about it. Her flirtie, girlie pieces add the right punch of color to many a JSG outfit. This fall, we've been wearing our custom made ribbon wrapped bangles in gold, brown, red and black that were a gift from Clairol back in our beauty editor days (Get it? Each bangle represents a hair color.) Her Audrey enamel bracelet was featured on Gossip Girl--of course Audrey Hepburn-fanatic Blair wore it.
Audrey Bangle
Alas, we were on our way to a lunch date on Friday and not near a computer at the noon-time start time. When we got home post-lunch, we looked over the offerings and were depressed that nearly every piece of her funky, wearable jewelry was sold out. Fortunately, JSG is not that easily deterred when we want something.

Instead of lamenting about what could have been: Rooster charm necklace,

jet and crystal square pendant

and chain bangle

We googled Ms. Leigh and were happy to find she's having a sample sale on her very own site. And some of the prices are even better! Compare $35 for the chain resin bracelet (above) on to the $65 it sold for on You could almost buy two for the price of one. Which is exactly what we did. See, everything really does happen for a reason.

Now get yourself on over to the Rachel Leigh site and find out what goodies await! And remember, it always pays to shop around!

Looking for a black lace bangle? We found the prefect one--and it only costs $20!


Anonymous said...

dig the rooster!

eye4style said...

Awesome find on her sale! thanks!

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