Monday, June 6, 2011

Kate Walsh's Boyfriend Perfume

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Walsh in person at an event for her Boyfriend fragrance. Kate was inspired to create the scent after a break up five years ago. "I thought, 'I really miss his scent,' so I went to a fragrance counter and bought a men's fragrance," she said. But the scent wasn't quite right on her and Kate realized she wanted something that was more of a balance between the masculine and the feminine and Boyfriend, a mix of amber and woods with vibrant florals, including dark plum and night blooming jasmine, was born.

The bottle is imprinted with boyfriends' names as a reminder of the ghosts of boyfriends past. Showing Kate's playful side, she included her lawyer's name and her cat's on the bottle.

Keeping in our own tradition (and being virtually goaded by our friend, Paula) we asked Kate to describe co-star Taye Digg's abs in one word. Kate's reply: Abtastic! Gotta love the woman for knowing how good she has it!

Boyfriend is available at Sephora and on HSN.
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