Monday, January 24, 2011

Snuggie Loving at San Francisco Hotels

snuggie couple

On a 10 degree day, there's not much more appealing than snuggling on a sofa, which is why the Snuggie Love package caught our eye. Snuggie Love package is available at the Personality Hotels in San Francisco (including the Kensington, shown below) and includes:

• A Monkey Snuggie (unleash your inner animals)

The Snuggie Sutra book (think Kama Sutra in a Snuggie. Try positions such as “Sleeve it to Beaver,” “The Snorgy” and “Viewmaster.”)

• A 4-pack SKYY Flavored Vodka Mini Bottles (get the party started)

• Late check out (for more monkeying around)

Rates start at $159 a night.


Obagi said...

I'm actually kind of surprised that the snuggie trend is still going! I thought for sure it would die out by now... but they are comfy!

Stylester said...

snuggie sutra? hehe, that's awesome!

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