Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enter to Win a Trip to the Birthplace of Kahlua in Mexico

veracruz, Mexico

When it comes time to reconnecting with friends and loved ones, more Americans prefer a night in, according to a recent survey sponsored by Kahlua. But if you're going to stay in, you have to have something good to talk about, along with good food and drinks. To help with the first part, Kahlua is sponsoring a Delicioso Night In sweepstakes where those who commit to staying in with friends one night a month are entered to win a one night trip to New York City prepared by chef Aaron Sanchez, immediately followed by a four day trip to Veracruz, Mexico, the birthplace of Kahlua.

espresso martini

When it comes to the menu for your night in, Sanchez suggests keeping it casual. He recommends inviting guests into the kitchen to help cook, serving a speciality cocktail with each course that features a liquor (that's a Kahlua espresso martini, above) and serving small bites of food that can be eaten with your fingers for a more playful meal.

Enter the Delicioso Night In on Kahlua.com.

JSG received a free sample. 

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Obagi said...

This sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I really want to go! Thanks for sharing this, I'm signing up. :D

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