Monday, January 10, 2011

A Peek Inside Rebecca Minkoff's Carry On Bag

She make some of our favorite bags, including the classic Morning After Bag (below) and counts wine-tasting on the North Fork of Log Island as a favorite girls' getaway locale, so we had to know what Rebecaa Minkoff takes with her when she travels:

I currently use a Samsonite bag, it's durable and I feel like they thought of all the needed compartments.

What are some of your must have beauty products on the plane? 
Moisturizer, Chapstick and Darphin Eye Cream.

What type of sweater or wrap do you wear? 
A cashmere one.

Any recent or fave plane reads?
The History of Love is one of my fave books. 

What music do you listen too when flying? 
Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes and Florence and the Machine.

Anything else you have to have with you when you travel? 
Water and a scarf. I always get cold on the plane!

Where have you gone recently and where are you headed? 
I went on a month long tour this fall to Paris, London, Italy, Korea, and China. Next destination is Mexico for a vacation!


Maria said...

Just wanted to say carry on is by far my favourite regular feature on jet set girls. I just wish they were all detailed beacause Ive made many purchases based on recommendations.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I wish you had more"carry on" articles

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