Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ever Feel Like a Piece of Meat?

Sometimes that's okay! JSG always ends up at a steakhouse on our trips. We're not sure if that's because we're looking for guys or missing our own. Steakhouses are great: the best meal before drinking, the best chance to drink a killer bottle of red, and the best excuse to order potatoes (forget your South Beach diet, even if you're in Miami!).

Here's how we found our last filet: we simply Googled “Phoenix Food Blog” and the first one that was listed was Once we read its tagline, “When Zagat’s Meets Sex and the City” we knew we had found a winner! We sent a cold-call email asking for recommendations for a sexy steakhouse and Seth, the editor of the blog, responded with a few suggestions.
We took his advice and went to Mastros City Hall. It lived up to all expectations—the steaks were delicious, the wine list was long and, as expected, it was filled with men. We opted to eat dinner in the lounge because it had a shorter wait and were psyched to find that it was also a lively place to meet locals. In fact, we enjoyed it so much, lounge dining may become a regular practice on all our girls’ getaways--it's an especially good trick for getting into a restaurant without a resy.
And, while we didn’t get to meet Seth in person, we want to give him and Feasting in Phoenix a special shout out and big thanks for the recommendation! Next time you go on a trip, you may just want to Google a local blogger. And, hey--we're always here for advice, too!

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Anonymous said...

I am so pleased you had a good time in Phoenix metro and I was more than happy to help you out!

Thanks for the shout, JSGs! It is greatly appreciated.

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