Monday, December 24, 2007

Give a Dream

Since it's the day before Christmas, we thought we'd just throw out this one item on our ultimate JSG wish list: a week at a private villa in Mykonos. The one we picked out, Blue Rock, has a gazebo sunken into the sleek lap pool, 5 bedrooms (you're welcome to join us on our fantasy vacation) and numerous terraces. Since we're dreaming big, we're going to add in our desire for a cook for the week and several hot pool boys. The price? It falls into that if you have to ask you can't afford it category, but it's around $15,000 (cook and pool boys not included). But the villa rental group, Living International, does throw in concierge services and airport pickup for free, making it a relative bargain.

We don't usually think so lavishly, but our friend, Heidi, mentioned that she would like to go to Greece to celebrate one of those pesky birthdays with a 5 or 0 on the end. Fortunately, we still have several years til we get there, so if we start saving now, we may just be able to afford it. We have a feeling it would be worth every cent!

And speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday, Hope!

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