Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How to Keep Your Hubby/Boyfriend Happy While You're Gone

To be quite honest, we’re still working on this one! But these ideas have helped minimize the damage for us:
1. Talk about expectations. Does he want you to check in everyday? If yes, try to avoid agreeing to call before bedtime. You’re likely to be out till the wee hours and no one wants a call at 4 am saying you’re just turning in, especially if you’re drunk. Which leads us to number 2…
2. Avoid drunk dialing. Don’t call to tell him you miss him, with club music in the background and 23-year old Pablo begging you to go back to the dance floor. Don’t drunk text either. Sadly, we have proved it IS possible to slur in a text (it sure can be hard to hit the right keys after a few mojitos)!
3. Don’t make plans on the first night you’re back. You’ll inevitably be tired and canceling plans will only cause further problems.
4. Be prepared to get down on your knees when you got home. And we don’t mean to beg for forgiveness!

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