Monday, November 26, 2007

Celeb Spotting

The other night, JSG were at NYC's Socialista. We were hanging out at the bar when hottie Benicio del Toro walked by (he's even sexier in person, if you can believe that!). The girl to our right could barely contain herself and stared at him the whole time, while the two guys to our left started talking about how he's one of our generation's truly great actors. Now with all this attention being paid to him, we assumed our friend saw him too, or at least noticed all the commotion around us and decided we would play it cool. Unfortunately, that was not the case and she missed out on seeing Benicio in all his dark, broody sexiness in person and was angry with us for NOT getting all aflutter and pointing him out.

Would you have fawned over Benicio if you were us? What's your best celeb sighting? Did you play it cool around them?

To find out where rockers stay in NYC click here.


Anonymous said...

I saw Lenny Kravitz at Atlantis a few years ago. He is HOT!

Amy said...

I once saw Antawn Jamison at the food court at Tysons Corner Mall. And once I saw Henry Kissinger having breakfast at the St. Regis. Lordy, I'm a huge geek !

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