Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hands Free

Gap clutch
As you’ve probably read in _____________ (insert the name of your favorite fashion magazine here) the clutch is THE bag of the season. We love them because they’re easy to tuck under our arm leaving one hand free to hold our vodka and soda and the other to flirtatiously touch a guy on the arm or flip our hair back over our shoulder. Plus--they’re flat which makes them super-easy to pack.
We’re digging this faux-patent version from the Gap. It’s as skinny as a runway model, but, thankfully long, so we can don’t have to chose between taking out our cell phone and our lip gloss—both fit! Nothing makes us happier than shiny red one—seriously, red shoes and bags always make us smile. It also comes in white, so fresh and space-agey and a black version that is classic Audrey Hepburn. At $24 a pop, we can afford all three!
Buy it online here.

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