Monday, September 19, 2011

A Peek Inside Leah Ketcham's Carry On Bag

Leah Ketcham was inspired to start the Krickette line of handbags after a trip to India in 2009—you can see the influence in her whimsical, colorful bags. The bags also give back: some of the line is made in Los Angeles and the textiles and adornments are sourced from global charitable community groups in foreign lands. You just know Leah's going to have a unique carry on bag. Here's what she travels with:

What does your carry on bag look like?

I use the Krickette carry-on bag,  It is out of this world cool, very colorful and a real eye-catcher. Crazy fun color combinations and bright colors in the blue and sand versions. Not for the tame hearted! The pink version is feminine with flower patterned embroidery. The pompom tassel embellishment is fun and whimsical.

What are some of your fave beauty products for traveling? 
I am low maintenance when it comes to travel beauty products: My key items are: drinking water, Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer, Purel Deep cleaning hand sanitizer wipes and eye drops. I typically don’t wear make-up on flights and just wear a lot of moisturizer and eye cream.

What type of sweater or wrap do you wear? 
My girlfriend represents the Magaschoni line. I have several cashmere wraps in fun colors. I also wear Seaton Boyfriend sweaters. Both of which are super cozy and warm.
This Magaschoni cardi is ideal for a plane.

What do you like to read on the plane? 
I try to catch up on several pounds of magazines that pile up waiting for a “rainy day” or “trip”. I also use the plane ride to get a lot of work done (e.g., contracts, financials, etc.).

What type of music do you listen to on the plane? 
I usually don’t listen to music. I save that for working out. If I listen to anything on the plane, it is a movie.

What tech gadgets do you use when on the plane? 
I’m a “PC person” but, when I travel I rely on my Mac Book Air.

Where have you traveled recently? 
In the past year: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Paris, London, Dominican Republic, Greece, Newport, Nantucket, Orcas Island.

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