Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get the Mally Glow - Review

I recently did something I never thought I would do the other day: contoured my face. I was inspired to try it on my own, after serving as a model for the Get the Mally Glow kit at a blogger breakfast with Mally last week. (That's Mally working her magic on me. Thanks to OlderGirlBeauty for the photo!)

The kit comes with Perfect Prep Primer in Glow and the Shimmer Shape and Glow compact. One of the things I love best about it is that it comes with foolproof instructions, so even if you don't have Mally there to demonstrate personally how to use the product, it's still like she's there whispering in your ear.

The Perfect Prep Primer in Glow gives you that flawless canvas for your foundation. Word of warning: a little goes a long way. I would actually prefer if this came in a tube instead of the jar, because I think that would help me use less and keep the product more sanitary.

On to the Shimmer, Shape and Glow. As Mally says in her instructions, apply the shimmer on the tips of your cheekbones to just under your temples for an "Instant eye lift!" Next, use the shape to contour your cheekbones. To figure out where, make a kissy face and brush it under your cheekbones. Finish with a pop of blush so you look like you "Just got busy with Johnny Depp," according to Mally.

Having never had the pleasure of getting busy with Johnny and not knowing anyone who has, I can't vouch for that last part. But I can tell you, the kit did give my face more definition, my skin looked flawless and it's super easy to use. Thanks, Mally!

The Get the Mally Glow kit is available at TryMallyBeauty.com. It comes in two shades Life is Lighter or Love is Deeper for $39.95,

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Kimberly said...

I love LOVE Mally. She has the cutest personality and that lady can work a room. I hope to be like her someday with my own lil bidness I'm working on. Go Mally!!! :D

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