Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Travel Friendly Clothes Care

No matter how carefully we pack our carry-ons there's always a top or dress that looks worse from the travel. Next thing you know one of us is dragging out the ironing board, and really, who wants to do that on vacation? Downy's Wrinkle Releaser in TSA approved three ounce travel size is just what we need. It's small enough to pack in your vanity case and strong enough to get out tough wrinkles.

Other handy new products worth checking out for your next trip are the Dryel Pen for knocking out a red wine stain before it sets and the Bounce Lint Roller that does double duty removing lint and leaving a fresh scent behind. If you like to exercise on the road and don't know where to put your stinky clothes, try the Tide Travel Laundry Bag which absorbs odors and keeps your damp clothes away from the rest. All products are available at Walmart, Target and retailers nationwide. Happy travels!

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