Monday, July 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Bachelorette Party at Tao

Kim Kardashian Bachelorette Party at Tao

Kim Kardashian celebrated her bachelorette party this weekend at Tao Las Vegas with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, her mother and friends including Brittny Gastineau. They had dinner beforehand in Tao's private dining room and were entertained by dancer Mighty Mike: 

Kim Kardashian's Bachelorette Party at Tao

Afterwards Kim and her friends headed up to the club and took over a few tables on the dance floor.

Meanwhile Kim's fiancĂ©, New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries, was partying at the Palazzo's Lavo with friends including Kourtney's boyfriend, Scott, Kim's brother, Rob, and Khloe's husband, Lamar Odom. The boys made their way over to Tao eventually to see the girls and bring them back to Lavo.

Kris Humphries, fiance of Kim Kardashian

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Rich Girl said...

Interesting, but nothing too extravagant. I thought that Kim will think of something more spicy, than just a dinner with a dancer and clubbing afterwards.

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