Friday, April 15, 2011

April Is National Rosacea Month

Being of Irish descent, I know the problems of fair skin a little too well. Not only do us lighter skin ladies have to be extra careful in the sun, we're also at higher risk for a skin condition called rosacea, an inflammatory skin condition. The most noted characteristic of rosacea is persistent blushing—even when you're not embarrassed or in the presence of your crush. A flare up of rosacea can be triggered by anything from an intense Zumba class, that glass of pinot noir you had after work or even hot weather.

The good news is that rosacea can be treated and you don't have to suffer alone. April is National Rosacea Month, which was started by the National Rosacea Society to help educate people about the condition. A few facts:

  • Rosacea affects 16 million Americans, many of whom don’t know that they have it. 
  • Rosecea is often undiagnosed or mistaken for other common skin issues such as sunburn, allergies or acne.
  • In addition to flushing, rosacea is characterized by redness, bumps and blemishes on the face.
  • Though rosacea is more common in fair skinned women, it can affect women and men of all skin tones.
  • While there is no known cure for rosacea, it can be managed through lifestyle changes and medication. If you think something is going on with your skin, head to the dermatologist.

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