Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Peek Inside Dr. Leslie Baumann's Carry On

Dr. Leslie Baumann is the go to gal for all your skincare questions. Specifically, as the author of the best selling Skin Type Solutions books, she knows everything there is to know about the vast array of skincare products available. We saw Leslie a few weeks ago at a luncheon and were so impressed by her youthful complexion, we had to know what is inside her carry on bag for those drying plane flights. Here's what Leslie said:

I travel a lot -- about once every 2 weeks so I keep my bags prepacked. I can go 4 days in a carry on bag, but once its 5 days I have to check luggage. The trick? Scarves and black pants and a pair of shoes that you wear on the plane and one for the luggage. The scarves are easy to pack and
it helps give you a different look. (JSG likes the one above from Foley + Corinna, because it's long and has sequins.)

No more than these 2 pairs of shoes! (JSG is impressed. Three is usually our minimum.) In fact, I pick outfits to pack based on the fact that they all match same pair of shoes and purse. I admit I have a weakness for the small rectangular Chanel bags with the chain strap -- they are tiny, fit a phone a credit card and a hotel key and lipstick- that's all I really need. I sometimes bring 2 of these little bags. (Sound like Leslie would really enjoy the Chanel Mobile Art tribute to the Chanel 2.55 bag!)

I went to the Container Store and bought a series of different colored mesh bags. Here are my other tips for working around liquid restrictions.

As products for the flight: I have dry skin so I bring all my own skin care. I use a travel size gentle cleanser like Purpose, Cetaphil or Dove Proage. I bring a night time moisturizer like Kinerase Ultra Rich Night Cream (I get the little sample tubes of it from my office) I bring a travel size sunscreen such as Purpose Dual Treatment Moisturizer with SPF and a small tube of Cetaphil Cream for my body.

For my hair, I like Bumble and Bumble shampoo, conditioner and styling cream, which come in 2 oz. sizes that are perfect for traveling.

A mascara, a lipstick and my pre-packed MAC palette of eyeshadows and blush. I have my own set of travel make up brushes form Bobbi Brown that stay in my luggage. I throw in a travel size hair brush and I am set.

Daughter of Fortune
I have a Kindle and I read constantly. I recently finished Daughter of Fortune by Isabelle
Allende, which I LOVED. It has history, romance, adventure and sex. It's a must read!

I am a great cook so I like to bring my own in-flight snacks-I try to bring my own Vietnamese spring rolls when I remember. I always fly first class because I am American Airlines executive platinum so I always get upgraded but I still like my own food better.

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