Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eyebrow Solutions

While most of the rest of the world is always looking for ways to shape their eyebrows, JSG 's Annie is always looking for ways to fill hers in. Worse, whenever she finds a product she likes, it seems to get discontinued. Well, here are two new tricks in her eyebrow arsenal, both courtesy of Benefit.


Brow Zings is a wax and powder combo that delivers a strong eyebrow that lasts all day. The wax keeps brows in place and give the powder something to grip on to. This can definitely take me through the day at work and out to happy hour afterwards. I like that it comes with two brushes that fit in the compact--there's no way I'll forget them when I'm on the road. I could do without the mini tweezers. Who in this day and age doesn't have a favorite pair of tweezers? These feel a little eco-unfriendly and wasteful. It's $30 and comes in 3 shades.


Instant Brow Pencil is a waxy brow pencil. It's great for when I'm in a hurry and is easier for packing, but it doesn't deliver quite the same oomph as the Brow Zing. Also, much like the Prescriptives Groomstick for brows, I'm going through it in a hurry. It's $20 and comes in 2 shades.

OK Benefit, now don't discontinue these eyebrow winners. We're begging you!

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