Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bachelorette Party Ideas: 17. Bachelorette Party Games

What's a bachelorette party without the games? Back in the day when Hope got married, you would sew life savers on a shirt and charge "A suck for a buck." Enterprising brides started wearing candy necklaces and charging cute boys to chew off a candy. Fortunately, that practice seems to have fallen by the wayside.

We are fans of the Almost-Newlywed Game, where the girls ask the husband-to-be questions, then the bride guesses his answers and has to do a shot for each one she misses. The modern version is to video tape his responses. Good questions to ask include:
What did ____________(insert bride's name) say or do when you first proposed?
Which celebrity would _______________ say you most look like?
To the more risqué:
Name three celebs on her list of five?
What's the craziest place you've ever made whoopee?

Bachelorette party scavenger hunts are also a fun way to break the ice. Have your bride search for things like:
A guy from Texas (change it to New York, if you live in Dallas)
A guy named Eric
A bouncer who will carry her over the threshold of the bar

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