Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Peek Inside Rachel Roy's Carry On

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy is a gorge, exotic glamorous fashion designer who recently announced on Twitter that she's designing a jewelry line with Estelle. We caught up with Rachel hot off the heels of her Resort Show in London to find out what's in her carry on. Here's what she travels with:

In flight I use a Bottega Veneta pully bag - Thomas Maier’s luggage is my favorite. The luggage is so exquisitely crafted and well made. I stick to the smaller pieces at this point because they are so incredibly expensive but one day I hope to have an entire set. The workmanship is breathtaking and he uses the most beautiful leathers.

Bottega Veneta Thomas Maier luggage

I always bring a Rose Water spray that I make myself and put into a plastic container that is small enough for the plane. I bring a lip balm by Perfumeria Gal Madrid in their Red Currant Groseiole scent. I always carry a toothbrush and toothpaste. For longer flights I use Virgin Airlines who supply you with almost everything you need.

On my iPod, I am listening to Coldplay who I will never get tired of and listen to over and over. I’m also listening to a new band called Black Keys. The album is called Attack and Release.

Chris Martin

I’m currently reading 2 books by John English.

I carry trail mix and Tic Tacs (my favorites are the light green and orange).

I also carry my own pillow that rolls up very small and a small satin quilted blanket from Shabby Chic that fits in my carry on.


Mikaela said...

She is insanely chic - love knowing what she carries!

Erika said...

I LOVE Rachel Roy!! Great post :)

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