Friday, August 14, 2009

GO SMiLE Smile Whitening System

My first teeth whitening came before my wedding a million years ago thanks to my good friend Sherry who's a dental hygienist. She kindly took my tooth impressions while we were camping- seriously- and delivered my trays and gooey bleaching gel the next week. No doubt my teeth were glowing like Ross on Friends for my wedding. As the years have gone by I've kept the trays and used them on occasion with both over the counter bleaching gel and prescription strength gels.

Lucky for me I was introduced last week to the GO SMiLE Smile Whitening System. It worked just as well as the prescription strength set I used. Actually, I preferred the delivery system over the trays, because it was less messy, took less time, and had no clean up.

How does the GO SMiLE work?
The Smile Whitening System comes with a week's worth of single use ampoules (14 applicators) plus an additional six ampoules to use afterwards for occasional touchups. Morning and night apply the whitening serum to your teeth by flipping open the ampoule and squeezing the tube. Using circular motions, apply the serum to each tooth paying close attention to any trouble spots. This takes less than a couple of minutes. Throw away the ampoule and wait 20 minutes before rinsing, eating or drinking. GO SMiLE uses a special polymer to hold the whitening serum against your teeth. It isn't as thick or gooey as the gel in trays and doesn't require a scrub or rinse afterwards. GO SMiLE has a great how-to video on its website if you need a better visual of the process.

I noticed a difference after the first couple of applications and a gradual improvement over the course of the week. GO SMiLE did not leave my teeth ultra sensitive to hot and cold like other whiteners I've used. After you complete the week's treatment, GO SMiLE offers maintenance ampoules which have less strong whitening serum that can be used daily.

GO SMiLE is available at Sephora, Ulta,, Blue Mercury, SpaceNK and Nordstroms as well as The set pictured above that I used costs $89, much less than a professional treatment.

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