Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Win a Brazilian Hair Treatment

Who doesn't want hair like Jennifer Lopez's? We've tried the Keratin treatment ourselves, in an effort to get lush locks like hers, and have done our best to answer all your questions about the Keratin treatment. Now, JSG is excited to be giving away the newest Brazilian Treatment, the Brazilian Blowout, at New York City's Concept Salon to one of our readers.

According to the salon, the formaldehyde-free treatment combats summer frizz and drastically improves the texture of hair. Because it is gentle, the process leaves your hair frizz free instead of limp and stick straight, so you can still embrace your waves and curls. You can even color and wash you hair the same day. The end of summer is an ideal time for the treatment as it helps undo the damage that the heat, chlorine and ocean salt has done to your hair.

There is one small catch to this giveaway: We'll want to photograph you before and after--and maybe even during the process. We'll also ask you to share your experience with everyone--how happy you are with the treatment, what it's like a month out, how easy it is to style your hair, etc.
You are also responsible for getting yourself to and from the salon.

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Mikaela said...

Do you know, are they using the Coppola Keratin complex in their service?

Allie said...

The service is not the Coppola Keratin -- It's the Brazilian BlowOut -- gentle version of other brazilian systems that doesn't have formaldehyde. It has a substitute for formaldehyde that's very gentle, so it doesn't sting your eyes/nose/mouth.

Also, it's a different process. They wash your hair, put the product in, blow dry, flat iron and then they wash your hair put treatment mask on and wash it out. You can wash your hair that same day (no waiting period). I did it at Concept and it has literally changed my life. It takes me 15 minutes to blow dry my hair (it used to take 45) and my hair is shiny and soft. I know there are a lot of products out there, but I really found this one to be great -- to mention the entire staff is so caring and professional. I felt comfortable the entire time.

Liz said...

I'm considering getting the brazilian blow-out at Concept. Was there a stylist you would recommend?

The Jet Set Girls said...

We're told you should ask for Jo! Mention JSG when making your appointment and get 20% off.
Thanks for reading!

Liz said...

Thank you! I actually made an appt for this coming Wednesday. I will try to take some before & after pics :) I appreciate your help!

The Jet Set Girls said...

OOH! Can't wait to see your pics and hear about it!

Unknown said...

Uh Oh, I don't know if I got the Brazilian or if I got the Copohola!!! I think I got the latter as I have to wait 3 days before washing!!! Ugh! I'm pretty upset to realize this. Especially because I am so weird looking with poker straight hair for 3 days, not to mention the fact that when she clarified with shampoo, lots of my color escaped and my color is awful...I have to wait 2 whole weeks before coloring. :(

Meanwhile, my main question here was going to be is it really imperitive that I use certain brand hair products as my salon suggests? Or is it a sales gimmick? Thanks in advance for your expertise.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Sorry to hear about your experience! Here's what our expert, Shuki, at the Warren Tricomi salon advises in terms of shampoo:

Use shampoos that are less stripping. I recommend to my clients that they use shampoos for color treated hair. If you want the treatment to last longer, try to wash your hair less, as it removes the Keratin.

For more FAQ's on the treatment, check out this post:

Thanks for reading!

Ranelle Tulloch said...

Will this work for very curly/kinky hair?

Sandra said...

Yes I have fizzy/curly hair and it has changed my life... not kidding. I know that sounds extreme but it doesn't frizz and I'm no longer afraid of the rain lol. I did it with Jo @ concept and got my 20% off. Thankss JSG!

Devina said...

WOW is all I can say, the Brazilian Blowout is the most amazing treatment EVER!! THANK YOU ALL so much for the information this blog.. My sister had the treatment that had to sit in her hair for 3 days and she hated it! I almost went through the same and am so lucky to know the difference and was able to get a Brazilian Blowout and it's wonderful. I guess there are others out there although Kim said you have to be sure to get the REAL Brazilian Blowout. It has made me a new person beyond belief!! I LOVE IT>>>

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