Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Christian Dior Diorskin Nude

I went to college in Texas and one thing I picked up there is you never leave your room without your face on. For a while, I thought this was truly hilarious, imagine walking out of your dorm late-night on your way to Taco Bell; but wait your BFF needs to slap on some foundation first- and concealer and power for good measure. Fast forward a few years, and I've become the same kind of gal, except I use tinted moisturizer. Frankly I believe the pr genius' out there devised the name "tinted moisturizer" so that we wouldn't feel like the makeup junkies that we are.

The latest concept in foundation/tinted moisturizer/base layering are the products that you use daily to even out your tone and give you a polished look; but at the same time promise to gradually improve the texture and look of your skin.

We tried a sample of Christian Dior's Diorskin Nude which is comprised of 100% natural mineral pigments that are intended to give you "flawless, glowing skin." Well, our complexions haven't been flawless since the sixth grade; but we're willing to try. Diorskin Nude is also SPF 10, which we love to keep the sun damage demons at bay.

Our first impressions are that Diorskin Nude has a soft foamy texture and as you glide it on your skin it dries to a light powdery finish. On our face, the finish is matte, definitely not glowy. It wore extremely well all day, more so than any similar product we've tried. As for flawless skin, we'll keep using it with the hopes of clear days ahead.

Diorskin Nude is available in 13 shades at fine department stores and Sephora.

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