Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bachelorette Parties- Idea #18: Vegas Review

Our girlfriend, Shelly, just returned from her bachelorette party in Vegas and was a good sport sharing her experience. We only wish we'd been there for the fun!

Why did you pick Vegas? Fav place to people watch by the pool and know you will be eating at a fabulous restaurant and have many types of entertainment venues to choose from in the evening (from dance clubs, to irish pubs, to more formal shows if that’s your thing..oh yeah, and the shopping….you can’t beat the shopping!).

The Venetian

Why did you pick the Venetian? Love the suites concept especially for girls sharing rooms, lots of room and phenomenal service. The pool is adjacent to the Tao beach club pool so you can watch the crowd without actually going INTO the crowd if you’re not in the mood for an over-crowded overly warm pool environment (ick).

How would you rate your stay there? A 10, we all got spa services compliments of my groom so given that Canyon Ranch is the largest spa in the U.S. we definitely enjoyed taking advantage of it!

What was the most fun, best restaurant, club, pool etc on your trip? I have to say the cucumber vodka shots at the sushi restaurant (Yellowtail at the Bellagio) we hit on Friday night were the best shots I’ve ever had. Best food was at Lavo, loved the Kobe Beef meatball appetizer that I had as my meal which was PLENTY of food! 

Was there a funniest moment? Too many to count, one of my favs was the guy talking to us in the pool who was wearing his leather flip flops in the pool that kept coming off and every time he popped out of the water he asked “so, where are you girls from??”…about 30 times.

Any other advice? Don’t take the limo service with “Johnny” in his souped up Escalade, he drives crazy fast and talks 800 miles a minute about the dregs of Vegas society and frankly , none of us really need to know that much about the seedy side of Vegas…keep it light!

Thanks Shelly! We also love the Venetian and its sister property, the Palazzo. Join their "Grazie" network to receive special offers on hotel stays. Currently, they're offering an end of summer special to Grazie members with suites for $129 per night with a $20 dining credit and 2 for 1 cocktails at the Fusion lounge.

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