Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Peek Inside Jeanie Syfu's Carry On Bag

Jeanie Syfu

One of of favorite events of every fashion week is attending TRESemme's behind-the-scenes cocktail party with hairstylist. Jeannie is always there, fresh from styling hot shows like Tracey Reese and Charlotte Ronson. We had to know what Jeannie's must have travel items are:

What are some of your must have beauty products (lip balm, hair products, moisturizer)?
Lotion!  I get so dry in planes so I love to hydrate.  I love The Healthy Body Butter in Lavanilla, LaMer, EF Studio Lip Balm, Shisedo Retinol Eye Patch Treatments and TRESemm√© Fresh Start Dry Shampoo.

Any current or fave plane reads?
I have two very funny books I can put down and pick up whenever – Chelsea Handler’s My Horinzontal Life and the other is You’re a Horrible Person, But I Like You.  Both books put big cheesy smiles on my face.  Important for when you are flying!

What do you have on your iPod when you travel?
I always have been a music-head, so I have some really great DJ sets from DR Harvey, David Mancuso and Optimo.  I also love to soothe my soul after a long by listening to Camille, of The Veils.

Do you have a favorite wrap or sweater?
My favorite sweater at the moment is by Neal Sperling, which I picked up from Urban Outfitters.  It’s slouchy with big bat sleeves and I can throw it over just about anything.

Any fave plane snacks?
Snacks on a plane, that could be dangerous!  I always try to have something healthy like almonds, but then I break down and have gummy bears!  I try to drink lots of water and stay from soda, coffee and alcohol.

Where are some place you've been to recently or have planned?
My last major trip was to Australia about a year ago.  I haven’t had a major trip in a while since I’ve been busy filming “The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection” and working New York Fashion Week.  Recently I’ve driven with friends to the Catskills and stayed at Lazy Meadows.  It’s my favorite place to go local for a quick getaway!


Victoria West said...

I traveled this summer to the Atlantic coast of Canada, in Quebec province. There is a resort Tadoussac, where people come watch whales in the sea. :) It was a really nice and relaxing vacation.

Victoria West said...

I have two favorite cardigans, which I recently bought from H&M.

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