Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rent the Runway Adds Judith Leiber Clutches

Judith Leiber at Rent the Runway
We've never considered investing in a Judith Leiber bag; but that doesn't mean we wouldn't rent one from our favorite new resource: Rent the Runway. Carrying one of these beauties to a holiday party would be a treat and they have thirteen to choose from (the most expensive of which has a retail value of $2,895!). So indulge your inner socialite and borrow one for a night. Rent the Runway will ship it to you and it's yours to carry for the next four days. Then just drop it in the the mailbox inside the return envelope RTR provides. It's very easy, trust us we've rented dresses from them numerous times. And if you see us with a Judith Leiber, shhhh! it's our little secret.

If you rent a bag between now and the end of the year, you may be one of the lucky winners of a Diamond Ticket, which can be traded in for an Everlon Diamond Bracelet. Read more about the giveaway.

In other Rent the Runway news, dresses from Vera Wang, Calvin Klein Collection, Missoni and more have been added to the selections.

The Dreamweaver Clutch is pictured above. Rent for $150, retail value is $1,695.

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