Wednesday, July 21, 2010

BeautyZZZ Natural Silk Pillowcase

BeautyZZZ Natural Silk Pillowcase

We've given you many tips on making a blowout last; but one thing we didn't recommend was using a silk pillowcase. The BeautyZZZ Natural Silk Pillowcase promises to defend against bed head.  The soft surface allows your hair to slide over the pillowcase during the night and not get snagged and tangled.

It also protects your face's natural contours. Isn't it is terrible to wake up after a long night's sleep and see a new wrinkle in the mirror because you were sleeping on your side?

This would be perfect for travel for your hair and skin; but also it packs small and repels dust mites which are in even the fanciest hotels. You could also use it as a dirty laundry bag on your way home. The BeautyZZZ pillowcase is at

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