Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drawing Party LA

Drawing Party
photo courtesy of Drawing Party
Forget about a girls' night out at a bar; bring your besties to ArtWorks Studio in LA and sketch for a few hours- nude male models that is. The Drawing Party package includes a champagne toast, dinner, art instruction and a nude model. The cost is $125 per person for a three hour session and only $100 for groups of six or more. We're sharing this one with our West coast friends and anyone who may be out there soon. Wouldn't this make a great bachelorette party too? 


Anonymous said...

That picture is hilar!

Walter said...

That is so cool. We need these parties in Tasmania! I'd model for the first session, but after that we'd need younger men if it were to be a success lol. Very nice photo incidentally!

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