Thursday, July 8, 2010

Atelier Colognes

Atelier Cologne
We like our perfume natural, simple (single notes please), and fresh.  We're not everyday perfume girls and are more likely to wear it only for nights out and special occasions.  The new line of five colognes from Atelier suits our moods and our desires which change throughout the year.  They are Orange Sanguine, Bois Blonds, Grand Neroli, Oolang Infini, and Trefle Pur.   You can find them at Neimans, Bergdorfs or

Our favorites are the Orange Sanguine with orange and geranium notes and the Bois Blonds with wood and incense notes.  The other three have an androgynous character good for the woman who likes to dab into her partner's cologne.

This review was based on samples.

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