Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review DDF Advanced Protocol With Turmeric

We've been testing out the new DDF Advanced Protocol with Tumeric for two weeks now. While it's too early to see any anti-aging results, we can tell you we already HEART the DDF Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser. It leaves our skin feeling truly clean and fresh, without drying it out. In addition to turmeric, which the entire line features and is clinically proven to firm and tighten skin, the cleanser contains rice bran for exfoliation. And unlike other exfoliating products we've tried, this one doesn't irritate our skin or leave us flaky. It's especially wonderful to use after a hot, humid day to wash away all the grime.

All the products in the line do have a slight turmeric scent--it's more medicinal than anything else. On top of which, it's a huge improvement over the yeast-y smell of our other favorite skincare line, so it doesn't bother us in the least. At $46, the DDF Advanced Micro-Exfoliation Cleanser is a little pricey, but you don't need a toner after you use it.

Available at Sephora.

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