Friday, July 17, 2009

Aspen: On Our Radar: Aspen, Co.

We're looking for a mountain vacation this summer. We've been to the beach (and yes, we'll be back in August); but what we need now is a change of venue. We've wanted to stay at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen since we were kids, when we bumped into a full-length mink-wearing Arnold back in his Terminator days leaving the hotel.

The Hotel Jerome has a Give and Getaway package available the next couple of weeks (July 19th through August 1st, 2009) where you help restore the popular Hunter Creek Trail and in return receive a discounted rate. While building a new set of stairs along a steep stretch of trail will be challenging, you'll have a great place to recover when you get back. The project is scheduled for next Saturday, July 25th. Rooms start at $129.

If you have anything left in your tank for a night out head to the Fly Lounge which opened last year in Aspen. We're fans of the original in D.C. where the DJ's always spin a great dance mix.

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