Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Discount Clothing: 3 Budget Looks for Barbecues

The countdown to the Fourth is on! We hope your plans involve fireworks and a barbecue! Here are three discount clothing looks for under $160. By discount, we mean radically marked down at some of our favorite shops:

Beach Party Discount Clothing Look:
If you want to wear your red, white and blue in a way that's more subtle than pinning a flag pin on your chest or wearing a tacky bikini, this look is for you. The white strapless dress will help you stay cool and crisp all day long--just be careful with the ketchup. Great for meeting the BF's parents, too. The hat makes this--at $160-- our most expensive look, but it's so cute, we think it's worth it.

BBQ Look #!
BBQ Look #1 by Jet Set Girls on

Pool Party Discount Clothing Look:
Do you have a pool? You're our new best friend! We like how bright turquoise bikini offers up a bright--and patriotic--surprise underneath the ombre terry dress. It's a no-brainer to pair it with everyone's favorite flips--Haviannas. Grand total: $105

BBQ outfit #2
BBQ outfit #2 by Jet Set Girls

Family Party Discount Look:
Does your Fourth involve chasing after little ones? Skip the jean shorts and go for this grown up sexier pair. Pair it with a bright cami and shoes. We even added a bracelet and kept it under $112!

BBQ outfit #3
BBQ outfit #3 by Jet Set Girls on

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