Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Peek Inside Stacy Cox's Carry On Bag

stacy Cox

We recently had the pleasure of traveling with Stacy Cox, owner of the Pampered People Spa in Los Angeles and TV Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Expert. Here's What Stacy travels with.

This bag should have its own frequent flyer miles number it’s been from China to NYC to Costa Rica and everywhere in between.  It’s what I call “kinda, sorta Gucci”. It’s a fake that ran me about $175 three years ago, but I love it and no one knows the difference (well hmm… until now).  It’s roomy, offers the all important cell phone pocket, the fabric gets and “A+” for deflecting dirt and has stood up to the test of time and countless crazy TSA checkpoints.

stacy cox carry on bag

What beauty products do you travel with?
If my....
·      sinuses get clogged
·      my skin looks dull
·      my eyes look puffy
·      I need a massage

I count on the Olay Regenerist  Anti Aging Wrinkle Eye Roller to fix everything.  I know it’s a tall order but the wands three metal roller balls do a little of this and a little of that and it works instantly.
olay regenerist

I also have been loving Mintglaze FX it’s a great pout plumping primer with a hint of mint and SPF. Oh and Super Smile makes a great travel size No Rinse No Brush Quickee. It’s a whitening and breath freshening paste that dissolves instantly in your mouth and you use your tongue as the unofficial tooth brush. No water needed.


Do you have a favorite wrap or sweater for chilly planes? 
Minnie Rose makes the most cozy cashmere throws and like my carry on bag it’s seen a “tour de force!” I’ve converted it into a poncho, blanket, scarf and random fashion statement when I tossed it over one shoulder and held it in place with a broach to add flair to boring black pants and a black t-shirt.

Minnie Rose

Are you currently reading any books or have a guilty pleasure magazine for the plane?  
When I fly, it’s the perfect time for me to catch up on my back issues of Playboy and Penthouse. I joke!!!   Like most folks in the beauty industry, I am using the flight time to catch up on all buzz in my many beauty magazines I subscribe to.  Lucky, In Style, Allure and Real Simple are my four favorites.
What music do you listen to on your iPod when traveling?

Does anyone still have their instruction manual for their iPod, and if so may I borrow it?  Somehow, I intertwined my playlists so I have tranquil spa music mixed with Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani.  One minute the waves and seagulls are echoing, the next you can stand under my umbrella “ella, ellea, eh, eh, eh”. I need to address this as it’s a tad, shall we say, inconsistent?


Any favorite plane snacks?
I really like to delude myself into believing that a glass of tomato juice with a squeeze of lemon and a pack of pretzels is a complete meal.  It’s just so satisfying, if like, me you’re a sodium junkie. I got to sit in first class on a Delta flight once and they served warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies.  Amazing, the best, but how depressing if you’re seated in the front rows of coach and the cookie scent is wafting up your nose. That’s torture.
Anything else you always travel with?

I always travel with…
·      LA Dodgers basecall cap
·      My favorite 2 pairs of sunglasses: a beat up Gucci pair (they are real Gucci not faux like my travel bag) and a white and neon pink pair of Carearras (below).

carerra shades

·      My laptop computer
·      My Hello Kitty pencil case
·      A stack of business cards as you never know who you will network with
·      My cell phone charger…if that bad boy dies on the road, I am toast
·      Urban Aid’s emergency undies just in case the unexpected happens and my luggage gets lost.

emergency undies

Where have you traveled recently? Or where do you plan to travel soon?
This year I have bounced from Los Angeles (home) to NYC multiple times, Minneapolis, Cinncinati and San Diego.  In the months ahead, I will head back to NYC and hopefully to Kona, Hawaii as my best gal pal, Vicki, has a condo there and a vacation would be so lovely.

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