Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Makeovers at the MAC Store

Mac Makeover

For our Sex and the City screening, while Hope was busy getting her hair de-frizzed at the Ted Gibson Salon, I grabbed our friend Shawn and hit the MAC store for a makeover. I'm always a fan of fake eyelashes and even convinced Shawn to try them for the first time.

I opted for the MAC 7 lash, which is billed as "everyday glamorous".
MAC 7 Lash
My makeup artist (an adorable man) gave me a smoky eye using purple shadow to match the purple dress I wore later in the evening. I had my three favorite lipglosses with me so asked him to use one of those so I could avoid adding another to my collection. Here's an up close shot of my finished look.
finished at Mac makeover
Shawn wore lashes for the first time. The results were awesome; but she didn't like the first pair they used. She thought they were too much, so she scaled down to the MAC 7 lash as well. She is usually much more conservative with her makeup (as a former model, she's gorgeous with a bare face), so it took some convincing for her to wear her full face all night. We're glad she did!

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