Monday, May 24, 2010

SATC Countdown, Choosing a Hotel

We're attending an advanced screening of Sex and the City on Wednesday night thanks to Coty Prestige and Sarah Jessica Parker's new frangrance, SJP NYC.  To make it a true girls' night out, we invited a couple of our besties to join us to make our own foursome.  Next the usual planning ensued: what to wear, where to eat, and where to stay.

We chose the Carlton Hotel, a Preferred Hotel and Resort, in the Madison Square Park district of Midtown.  The Carlton has a long history, known early last century as the Seville Hotel.  The lobby is grand:

Carlton Hotel Lobby

It has been updated but keeps its Beaux Art charm, from the rediscovered Tiffany skylight (below) which had been painted over to camouflage the hotel from WWII air raids to the vintage bar that Frank Sinatra frequented when he was in town.

Carlton Hotel Tiffany skylight

The rooms are stylish and comfortable:

Carlton Hotel Guest Room

Check back soon for a review of our stay at the Carlton.

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Andrea Reh said...

So jealous! Here in New Zealand we have to wait a full week longer than the rest of the world for our Sex and the City fix. Check out my own post on the subject at:

Enjoy your stay at the Carlton!


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